Cross-functionally designing our project here at Lambda Labs

Hi all you cool cats and kittens… wait, that’s not my opening… hey guys and girls, we’re back at it again, this time with a fresh update on our Lab’s project as my time comes to an end here at Lambda school. If you missed the first part of this blog series, follow the link here to get a better look and understanding of what this project’s all about and the obstacles our group have tackled along the way. …

Cross-functionally designing our project here at Lambda Labs

Lets face it, if you’ve gone through the process of relocating, you know how much of a daunting task it can be. Will I be able to find work in my field in this new city? Oh, I love the weather and atmosphere there during the summer, but can I afford the rent? I hate to leave behind my friends and family, will it be easy for me to meet new people in this city? Common questions you might find yourself asking when it comes time to make the next step in your life. Although this process is anxiety provoking…

K-means clustering is a widely-used, and relatively simple, unsupervised machine learning model. As the name implies, this algorithm works best when answering questions in regards to how similar, or dissimilar, data objects are in our dataset. If good clustering exists in our data, then it will usually be efficiently found. But if we have poorly clustered data or data with high dimensionality, the model can suffer and produce unreliable predictions. Regardless, clustering is a very useful tool in terms of data exploration, and as a budding data scientist, an integral stepping stone in my journey. …

Zack Murray

Data scientist with a passion for solving complex problems, exploring algorithms, and working alongside others to achieve goals that alone may not seem possible

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